Our philosophy
OMP is a customer-oriented manufacturer; our expertise is in highly automated production systems for mass production as well as machinery for small batch production. All OMP machinery is custom built to give the customer solutions that best fit their requirements. OMP is also known for innovative candle making processes, high quality standards, technological expertise, and excellent customer service.
OMP was founded in 1905
OMP was founded in 1905 by Giovanni Todeschini and was run by the Todeschini family until 1980 when Giuseppe Rota became the majority partner and then the sole owner.
Today, the second generation of the Rota family is continuing the OMP tradition of building and supplying candlemakers worldwide with machinery for producing quality candles, wax crayons and textile rings efficiently around the world.
Services & Assistance
We know that our customers' success relies on dependable machinery and first-class assistance.
OMP therefore makes its best technicians available for after-sales services both for on-site interventions and in remote connection to assist them troubleshoot the machines offering immediate solutions. OMP also employs a technician in America in order to guarantee technical support 24/24.

What we offer

Innovative machines

Producing efficiently machines around the world.

Innovative solutions

Innovative solutions in compliance with current safety standards.


The philosophy of OMP has always been customer oriented.

Automated systems

Our expertise is in highly automated production systems.

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